New Rendering Engine

Capture 2018 introduces a new rendering engine based on Microsoft's DirectX 11 and Apple's Metal. We will be rolling it out throughout spring 2018 and updating this page as we progress.

In order to enable and test the new rendering engine, open the menu and choose Options.. in the Tools menu and disable the Legacy (OpenGL) Rendering setting.

If you run into issues, please revert to the legacy OpenGL rendering engine.

Unreleased Functionality

The following functionality has not been added yet:

  • Laser projectors.
  • Antialiasing in wireframe views.
  • Material and LED panel transparency.
  • Water jets.
  • Automatic quality rendering setting.

Known Issues

The following issues are known with the already released functionality:

  • Very wide angle fixture beams render with artefacts.
  • At specific angles som parts of beams can be lost.
  • Beams may appear to start at a slight offset of fixtures.
  • Edges of backlit objects may appear fuzzy at lower rendering settings.
  • Edges of printouts may appear stretched on the edges.
  • Objects in locked layers remain selectable despite the global option for unselectable locked layers.
  • Saving images and rendering videos can cause driver timeout crashes.

Reporting Issues

If you discover issues with the new rendering engine, please report it to us at Make sure to include the following information:

  • Your operating system and version.
  • Details about your hardware, specifically the video card and driver versions.
  • Screenshots and/or photos that illustrate the problem.
  • Any relevant project file(s) that reproduce the problem.