Frequently Asked Questions

License costs
An overview of our products and license prices is available on our Products page.

Discounts may be available through (and only through) our resellers, which you can find listed on our Resellers page.

Special prices for students
No - we do not offer any student discounts, instead we offer a free version of Capture called the Student Edition. There is however a special offer available for educational institutions.

How to install Capture on another computer
This is done by installing your license key file on it. If you purchased Capture online, this is the file you received along with your receipt. If you purchased Capture as a box through a reseller, which had a license key file ticket printed on it, you can export your license key file from within Capture's "Licensing" dialog, available under the "Tools" menu.

Who can ulock a key file
We track the owner and user of each key file. Any one of these two persons may unlock a key file - and no one else.

What kind of computer is needed to run Capture
Apart from our current minimum operating system requirements, Capture should run fine on any standard desktop or laptop computer with functional OpenGL drivers.

However, bear in mind that visualization software is very demanding on the video card. As a good referenced point for the capabilities of your hardware you may find PassMask Software's video card benchmark pages for high end GPU's useful. A PassMark G3D mark of 2000 or more could be considered a general minimum performance requirement for Capture, but in practice the actual requirements will vary a lot depending on how you use Capture.

Visualization performance
Visit our dedicate page for visualization performance to learn how to maximize visualization performance.

Capture graphics issues and crashes on startup
If you are running Capture on macOS then your drivers are part of the operating system and we recommend that you always update macOS to the highest version officially supported by Capture. Be ware that use of any third party drivers (such as NVidias "web drivers") is strongly discouraged.

If you are running Capture on Windows, the first thing to do is to make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card. We recommend downloading the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your video card, ie. NVidia, AMD or Intel. If your problem persists, you may need to consider an upgrade of yoru video card. If so, then please read the section on minimum requirements. If you are runnin Capture on a laptop, be ware that it may have multiple video cards and we always recommend having the latest drivers for all of them, even if you believe you are only using one of them.

How to connect a lighting console
Capture supports a number of different network protocols that allow you to connect Capture with your lighting console. They are all listed in the manual, but as a general rule of thumb we recommend using BSR E1.31, known as "streaming ACN" or "sACN".

In order to connect your console with Capture you many need to configure the network settings of both the console and your computer. If you are in an office environment and the network configuration of your computer has got DHCP enabled, we recommend that you do the same with your lighting console. If not, or if you are simply running you computer and console together with a network cable and/or switch, you will need to set up static IP addresses and network masks. Here are three examples you could use:

Computer Lighting console Comment 
IP Address:
Network Mask:
IP Address:
Network Mask:
Art-Net compliant
 IP Address:
Network Mask:
IP Address:
Network Mask:
 IP Address:
Network Mask:
IP Address:
Network Mask:
Common at home

We recommend that you always also refer to the documentation of your lighting console. Capture will always comply with the network configuration of your computer, but your lighting console may have specific requirements and/or restrictions.

If you have multiple network connections (such as more than one ethernet cable or cable + WiFi), you may need to pay special attention to the options available inside Capture's under the Tools.. menu where you can choose which network card to use for each protocol supported.

You may also find this YouTube playlist of video on how to connect with specific online softwares useful.

How to report errors
First, make sure that you have the latest library from our download page. Should the error still persist, send an e-mail to describing its nature. If the error is related ot a fixture, please try to verify that your controller is sending the appropriate DMX values required to achieve the desired result prior to contacting us.

When you're missing something
If you are missing anything from our library, please e-mail and we will help you out.

Other questions and problems
In case of technical or general enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at If you have questions related to sales and/or pricing, you may contact us at


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