This Reference Manual is included in and a part of the software installation, but for your convenience we have also made it available as a separate download here.


These short tutorials have been created to help our users getting started working with Capture as well as to promote particular features and releases of Capture.

Video Playlist - How to connect Avolites Titan, ChamSys MagicQ, ETC Cobalt & Congo, GrandMA1/2, Hog3/4 PC and Jands Vista with Capture.

Chapter 1 - Create a new project, stage floor and a fixture
Chapter 2 - Patching fixtures to universes
Chapter 3 - Core concepts; the navigator
Chapter 4 - Working with plots; the preparations
Chapter 5 - Working with plots; paper layout

Capture Polar 2.5 - Video and material mapping
Capture Polar 2.8 - Hooking Capture up with Kinesys K2

Video Tutorial - DMX Movers and Rotators