Console Connectivity

Capture supports a wide range of network protocols and methods of communication with lighting consoles. The full list can be found in the reference manual. We generally recommend using the Art-Net or sACN ethernet DMX protocols.

On this page we have gathered any information specific for a particular console manufacturer brand or console model.

Please refer to the documentation from each console manufacturer on how to configure Art-Net or sACN output. You may also find this YouTube playlist of video on how to connect with specific online softwares useful.


Avolites Titan


Last tested with Titan 11.0.



Last tested with Eos 2.7.3 Build 10.

High End Systems Hog 4

  Art-Net untested
 Hog-Net - Windows only
  sACN untested

Art-Net and sACN output requires High End Systems hardware to be present.

Last tested with Hog 4 v3.6.0.

LSC Lighting Clarity


Last tested with Clarity 2.3.3.

MA Lighting grandMA 2

 Art-Net is hardwired to the or networks. Ensure that your network interface is configured with an IP address for one of these networks.
 Art-Net does not support the StVisual style code. Use the Broadcast or Unicast modes and manually configure the number of universes you need in Capture.
 MA-Net - Windows only

Only the same amount of DMX universes otherwise output by your connected MA Lighting hardware (through DMX ports or other network protocols like Art-Net) can be utilized in Capture. Therefore you cannot receive DMX from grandMA2 onPC unless you have MA hardware connected. Some competing lighting design and visualization softwares on the market support receiving DMX as well as DMX feedback ("autofocus") over MA-Net without the need for MA Lighting hardware. This is possible for historical reasons as they were provided with other drivers than us prior to an MA Lighting policy change. For further information and/or clarifications on this matter, please contact MA Lighting.

Last tested with MA onPC version

Obsidian Onyx

 Art-Net is hardwired to the network. Ensure that your network interface is configured with an IP address for this network.
 Art-Net does not support the StVisual style code. Broadcast mode is required in order to transmit more than 4 universes to Capture.

Last tested with Onyx 4.0.1010.0.