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Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft are currently rolling out the Creators Update to all Windows 10 users. We have tested Capture Atlas and Capture Nexum with the Creators Update and have not found any issues with it - on the conrary the issue with Capture freezing since the Anniversary Update that we reported on earlier has been fixed.

Announcing the release of Capture Nexum

The 24th of April we will be releasing version 23 of Capture, named Capture Nexum. "Nexum" is latin for "the location where many things connect", something that relates to the various workflow and connectivity additions and improvements of Capture Nexum.

On user groups and feature planning

Over the past year we've had the pleasure of seeing a lot of Capture users join the Capture Design & Visualisation user group on Facebook, sharing their Capture experiences, knowledge, problems and wishes. It provides us with important information that we can feed into our product planning, so let me cease this opportunity to touch this aspect of our work as I can imagine if you haven't worked near software development it might all seem a bit mystical!

New plot rigging and informative symbols

While AtlaBase is constantly supplying Capture with new library content in many forms, the library items added are usually quite specific and generally not of interest to all users so we tend not to make much fuzz about it. However, we have just had some useful plot symbols added that we thought we'd bring some attention to.