Neon House

Canberra, Australia 2014

315m of GEN2FLEX 1129 Chasing on 7.560 DMX channels, installed by Wizardry Signs & Imaging.

Maata Näkyvissä 2014

HK Arena, Turku, Finland 2014

The largest youth gospel festival in Scandinavia. Designed with Capture Polar and Argo.

Lighting designby Samuel Mäki-Kerttula

SWUPYS Award Ceremony

Southern Wesleyan University - Central, SC, USA, 2014

Lightsound Productions designed and produced the SWUPYS university sports award program 2015, where Capture was used to design the event and sell the customer on the look. Most of the programming was also done in advance with Capture as time was very short.

Mark Mealy, Lightsound Productions, Lighting Designer


Germany 2014

Capture was used to pre-visualize Cluesos recent tour in Germany. The show was designed by Johannes Glöde and Lotus Lumina who specialize in stage designs and large-screen projections.

Johannes Glöde, Lighting Designer
Dirk Rauscher, Visual Content
Lotus Lumina, Stage Design

2014 Jr Eurovision Song Contest

Malta 2014

Capture Argo was the previz tool of choice at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. Over 400 fixtures and a massive backdrop of LED surrounded the stage, bringing light and life to the young performers. Lighting designer Nick Malbon used Capture Argo to previsualize the setup with stunning results.

Read more about it in the press release here.

Nick Malbon, Lighting Designer

Paines Plough's Roundabout

Margate Winter Gardens, Edinburgh 2014

Capture was used for the preprogramming of the show which used custom fixtures created for the venue.

Read more about it in the press release here.

Capturing Imagination, 3D Visualization

The photo from the Roundabout is copyright Sarah Rushton-Read,

Music & Lights booth, PLASA

PLASA, London 2014

Music & Lights booth in PLASA designed with Capture Polar.

Fabio Sorabella, Lighting Designer