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Video rendering of a movie snapshot made with Capture Argo

Lighting design and visualisation software

Save time with a lighting design, documentation and visualisation software that is both easy to learn and rewarding to use! Capture is a native Windows and Mac OS X application that lets you work with lighting, video, moving scenery, lasers and water jets.

Capture supports a wide range of ethernet DMX protocols like Art-Net and sACN but also connects directly to High End and MA Lighting consoles as well as consoles that support CITP from brands such as ADBAvolites, ChamSys and Strand Lighting.

Capture also plays back local video files, streams video directly from CITP/MSEX compatible and Green Hippo media servers, receives laser projector content from LaserAnimation Sollinger and Pangolin systems and live positioning information directly from Kinesys K2 systems.

The Capture Atlas Editions

  • Solo Edition

    Our smallest package limited to 1 DMX universe1 video playback, 1 streaming video, 1 laser feed and 10 water jets.

      395 €
  • Duet Edition

    Our second level package limited to 2 DMX universes2 video playbacks, 2 streaming videos, 2 laser feeds and 20 water jets.

      795 €
  • Quartet Edition

    Our third level package limited to 4 DMX universes4 video playbacks, 4 streaming videos, 4 laser feeds and 40 water jets.

      1295 €
  • Symphony Edition

    Our fully featured edition with no limitations in number of design elements used.

      2195 €

Upgrades & Comparison

Review our detailed comparison table to see how our different editions compare and what upgrade paths are available.

  Comparison Table

Upgrades from Polar and Argo

Upgrades from Capture Polar and Capture Argo to Capture Atlas are available from our dealers and in our web shop.

For educational institutions

Educational institutions may use one license of any edition on an unlimited number of seats per location. In order to be eligible for this offer we require that you purchase your license using an educational institution e-mail address and notify us by e-mail to after completing your purchase. Your institution must be a secondary school, college, university or career state-accredited school.