Capture 2018 revision history

The first release of Capture Nexum was version 24.0.6, the 28th of March 2018.

Version 24.1.3, released the 7th July 2018
Rendering Engine
Stability improvements for Metal on macOS.
Rendering Engine
General performance improvements.
Version 24.1.2, released the 29th June 2018
DWG Export
Rotations of objects only slightly tilted off the Y axis exported incorrectly.
Rendering Engine
Ambient lighting rendered incorrectly with ambient occlusion enabled.
Rendering Engine
Aperture arrangements of multi aperture fixtures rendered upside down.
Version 24.1.1, released the 27th June 2018
The ability to apply materials to all surfaces of library forms as well as trusses has been added.
Rendering Engine
Visualization of LED panels, materials on all object types and omnidirectional lighting fixtures has been added.
3DS Import
Materials are now fully imported and objects are split by them.
Library Tab
Column texts overflow, improving readability of product codes among other things.
Plot Symbols
Power location bolt symbol is drawn for all fixture types, not just moving heads and yokes.
Non-generic trusses that have been edited in previous Capture versions are no longer updated to newer library versions to avoid ruining designs.
Art-Net, CITP and sACN IP configuration settings are retained even if the IP address configured was temporarily unavailable.
LightWright Export
Fixture location information is now exported as LightWright position information.
Rendering Engine
Plot views could crash if a fixture did not have a symbol.
Rendering Engine
Measurement lines and arrows did not appear on plots.
Rendering Engine
Symbols could not be selected in wireframe views.
Rendering Engine
Shadows did not follow objects moved with motion fixtures.
Rendering Engine
Grid origo highlight were not visible on macOS.
Rendering Engine
Fill lighting did not work on macOS.
Texture Generator
When cloning a material, texture generators were not included.
Fixture Data Import
CSV files with quoted fields containing quote marks did not impomrt correctly.
Version 24.0.14, released the 8th June 2018
sACN Universes
A new configuration property to set the maximum number of sACN universes has been added.
Editing Crashes
Switching Design tab categories or closing dialogs while editing numeric or text properties could cause a crash on macOS.
Rendering Engine
Plot view inset content could disappear fully or partially.
Rendering Engine
Saving or rendering an image or movie from a view could produce all black results.
Fixture Replace
Replacing fixtures with accessories with fixtures that could not hold the same accessories did not remove them.
Filter Editor
The editing pane of filters in the Design tab did not sort layers by colour as expected.
Version 24.0.13, released the 1st June 2018
Rendering Engine
Video projectors and media in materials, including emissive materials. Selected camera and smoke box struts. Live information for motion fixtures.
Student Edition
Restrictions on maximum number of DMX universes lifted.
Rendering Engine
Rendering movies and still images on Windows could fail due to video card timeouts.
Version 24.0.12, released the 21st May 2018
Rendering Engine
Important stability improvements to the new rendering engine for macOS.
Version 24.0.11, released the 15th May 2018
Focus Sheets
Exporting focus sheets with the legacy rendering would lead to a crash.
Universe View
The universe view would not scale on high DPI monitors.
View Scroll
Several views would not appear unless scrolled first on macOS.
List Sorting
Renaming an item in a sorted multi-column list would not cause it to resort on macOS.
Version 24.0.10, released the 4th May 2018
The MA-Net configuration option was incorrectly available in presentations and could cause a crash if used.
DWG Export
Objects imported with a scale would export in the wrong scale.
Report Print
Tables over a certain size could cause unnecessary page breaks when printing.
Navigator Cube
The navigator cube was overdrawn or appeared transparent in some view types.
Version 24.0.9, released the 23rd April 2018
Console Patch
Drag and dropping console patch fixtures into the design on macOS could lead to a crash.
Plot Views
Adding plot views in the Student Edition was not possible and could lead to a crash.
The license key file and library installer did not function on some earlier versions of macOS.
DWG Export
The orientation of blocks was incorrect for a few specific types of orientation.
Laser Shadows
Laser always went through all objects and never cast shadows.
Laser Beams
The variation setting of smoke boxes did not apply to laser beams.
Wide Apertures
The apertures of very wide strip lights could render black with spill lighting enabled.
Dual Frost
On some fixtures with a frost mechanism implemented using two wheels it was not possible to disengage frost.
Version 24.0.8, released the 5th April 2018
Fixture Update
Capture could crash when updating fixtures if there was any problem with the library installation.
Mac Crashes
Capture could crash macOS during editing of project contents.
The normals of the outer hull of the cylinder shape generated incorrectly for conical shapes.
Annotation Connectors
Connectors of annotations could render on top of both the symbol and annotation.
When started by double clicking on a project file rather than through the start menu, all translation support, generation of presentation files and Hog 3/4 connectivity would be lost.
New Rendering Engine
Several fixes in the new rendering engine.
Version 24.0.7, released the 30th March 2018
Selection Crashes
Capture would crash when selecting a camera.
Student Edition
The built-in shape objects were missing from the Student Edition library.
Truss Updates
All non-generic trusses would update every time a project was opened.
Rendering Engine
Several fixes to issues in the new rendering engine.

For older versions of Capture, see the Capture Nexum revision history.


Capture Argo fixes and changes have been categorized as follows:

Major bug fixes
Minor bug fixes