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New LicensesList price
  Capture Atlas Solo Edition  395.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Duet Edition  795.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Quartet Edition  1295.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Symphony Edition  2195.00 EUR
Edition UpgradesList price
  Capture Atlas Solo to Duet Edition Upgrade  400.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Solo to Quartet Edition Upgrade  900.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Solo to Symphony Edition Upgrade  1800.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Duet to Quartet Edition Upgrade  500.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Duet to Symphony Edition Upgrade  1400.00 EUR
  Capture Atlas Quartet to Symphony Edition Upgrade  900.00 EUR
TrainingList price
  Personal Online Training, Basics, 1 hour  90.00 EUR
Polar and Argo Version UpgradesList price
  Capture Solo Edition to Atlas Solo Edition Upgrade  99.00 EUR
  Capture Basic to Atlas Quartet Edition Upgrade  129.00 EUR
  Capture Basic to Atlas Symphony Edition Upgrade  699.00 EUR
  Capture Extended to Atlas Symphony Edition Upgrade  149.00 EUR

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